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Anti-Gravity Colorful Yoga Fitness Swing Hammock

Anti-Gravity Colorful Yoga Fitness Swing Hammock

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About this item:

Fun Yoga Hammock: Take your yoga practice to new heights with our Anti-Gravity Yoga Swing! Designed to enhance flexibility, strength, and relaxation, this innovative yoga accessory allows you to experience the benefits of aerial yoga in the comfort of your own home or studio. Discover the freedom of flight and unlock a world of possibilities with this versatile yoga hammock. Experience the thrill of aerial yoga and transform your practice with our Anti-Gravity Yoga Swing. Whether you're looking to deepen your stretches, build core strength, or simply enjoy the sensation of floating, this swing offers a unique and exhilarating way to achieve your wellness goals. Elevate your yoga practice today and unlock the full potential of anti-gravity yoga with our premium yoga swing. Namaste!

Anti-Gravity Bliss: Experience the sensation of weightlessness as you practice yoga poses suspended in mid-air. Decompress your spine, increase circulation, and relieve tension, all while enjoying a unique and exhilarating yoga experience.

Premium Quality Construction: Crafted from high-strength, durable parachute fabric, this yoga swing is built to withstand rigorous use. It can support up to 300 LB ensuring your safety during even the most advanced poses.

Versatile Use/ Many Colors Choices: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, the Anti-Gravity Yoga Swing accommodates all levels. It offers endless possibilities for inversions, stretches, backbends, and core strengthening exercises. The hammock comes in many colors. Black, white, pink, sky blue, royal blue, fruit green, dark green, deep purple, red, orange, sky blue, spell treasure blue, light purple and spell purple

Adjustable Straps: The swing features adjustable, easy-to-use straps that allow you to customize the height and position, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for any body type.

Comfortable Paddle Handles: Soft fabric nylon.  Padded handles provide a comfortable grip and prevent strain on your hands and wrists. You can focus on your practice without discomfort.

Portable Easy to Install: Hang it from a sturdy ceiling hook, beam, or yoga stand (not included) in your home or studio. The compact design makes it easy to take your yoga swing with you for outdoor practice or travel.

Relaxation and Meditation: Beyond yoga, the swing doubles as a cozy cocoon for meditation and relaxation. Drift away as you gently sway, cocooned in comfort.

NOTE: Package Content
1 x main bed
2 x handle
4 x locks
1 x storage bag


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Lola G
Fun Way to Workout

I love my yoga swing. It offers a different fun way to workout and get in shape. You will not regret trying this!

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