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Portable Mini Air Conditioner Water Ice Cooling Fan Humidifier diffuser with 7 LED Colors

Portable Mini Air Conditioner Water Ice Cooling Fan Humidifier diffuser with 7 LED Colors

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About this item:


Truly Ice Cooling Air: Whether you're in your bedroom, office, living room, or exercising, staying cool and comfortable in hot summer really can be a challenge. That's where a powerful ice-cooling air conditioner comes in. With the double coolness of the ice and the evaporative cooler pad inside, the small air cooler fan can provide refreshing cool air for ultimate comfort.

Use Ice or Water for Easy Use: Our portable AC unit comes with 7 LED Lights and can use ice or water that can be easily filled and pre-frozen in the freezer, allowing for effortless alternation of ice holders as needed to ensure a constant supply of cool air. And the evaporative cooling pad can also be frozen to further cool and humidify the air, resulting in a more natural airflow and comfortable breeze. Can cool up to 8 hours.

3 in 1 Multifunctional Cooler/7 LED Colors: This cooling fan can be used as a regular fan if not using ice. And you can add essential oils or perfumes onto the wet curtain for a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, making it a fragrance diffuser. When the ice are frozen and inserted, the small fan functions as a room air conditioner, effectively lowering the temperature and providing a refreshing cool experience.

Variable Wind Speed AC: Our space cooler features stepless speed control to meet your personal needs on different occasions; the adjustable shutter outlet allows for easy manual control of airflow direction. You can use the low-speed setting for just the right amount of airflow to stay comfortable and not disrupt your sleep; or crank up the speed to enjoy a refreshing blast of cool air after a sweaty workout or hot day.

Portable Air Cooler: mini cold air fan is 5.5'' x 5.1''x 6.7'' large and designed with a leather handle, light weight and compact, super easy to carry it around; and the USB inlet means you can easily power it from your laptop, power bank or any USB outlet, convenient for outdoor picnics, cabins, and RV travels, your desk at work, home, patio, nightstand. The fan consumes a maximum of 4.5 watts, making it energy-efficient and cost-effective.



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30 Jun 2023

Thanks, great communication and quick delivery 👍
17 Jul 2023
Works super well. Gets nice and cold when you add ice.
25 Jul 2023
Nice, quite and got here fast!

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This portable mini a conditioner is quiet and cool at.the same time. Love it on my office desk quietly blowing cold air while I'm working. This merchant provides so many affordable and useful products.

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