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Portable Neck Ice Cooling Heat Relief Ring Cushion Tube

Portable Neck Ice Cooling Heat Relief Ring Cushion Tube

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About this item:

Instant Cooling Relief: The Ice Ring Neck Cooler provides immediate relief from the discomfort of excessive heat, helping to alleviate symptoms such as profuse sweating and fatigue. Enjoy the refreshing coolness you've been missing.

Temperature Control Technology: Made with a special material that resists melting and freezes quickly, this personal cooling tube ensures long-lasting effectiveness. Simply freeze it naturally at 18°C or below, and it can be repeatedly used for a cool sensation

Ergonomic Design for Comfort: Designed with ergonomic considerations, the Ice Ring Neck Cooler has been carefully crafted to minimize neck pressure. It is lightweight, portable, and provides a comfortable fit without tightness or constriction, delivering a refreshing and relaxed experience

Portable and Convenient: This lightweight neck accessory is easy to carry and can be used whenever you encounter high temperatures. Experience instant relief as the coolness spreads across your skin, providing comfort and happiness in daily life.

Freezing Temperatures Below 18°C: With the ability to freeze below 18°C, this Ice Ring Neck Cooler ensures a chilling effect that can soothe and cool you down during hot weather

Enjoy Up to 60-120 Minutes of Refreshing Coolness: Simply place the neck ring in the fridge or freezer for 20-30 minutes or in iced water 10 minutes. Cooling Neck Wraps can also be rapid freezing air conditioned room or Low temperature environment. Use multiple neck rings for longer periods of cooling. (depending on the weather and body temperature ambient temperature changes to determine the use time).

No Charging Need! No battery needed! Neck cooler reduces body heat by cooling the neck. Put it in direct contact with the skin and it absorbs body heat and cools down comfortably. Release your body heat and prevent heatstroke. Be ready for a hot summer.

The Neck Cooler Tube Adopts PCM Material: it is the best green environmental carrier, non-toxic and harmless, so you can use it with peace of mind. TPU fabric with strong sewing doesn’t allow tearing or breaking. Freeze naturally below 28°C, can be kept in freezer, ice chest, refrigerator, iced water, even ACs



Customer Reviews 


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12 Aug 2023
Color: White 
it's cute, worth the price. Stay frozen for at least 2hrs
08 Aug 2023
Color: Blue 
It's different from a cool ring, it's just like a little bit more comfortable to wear

08 Aug 2023
Color: Green 
It seems to go for about an hour and half when frozen. Great for hiking, running to keep cool.


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