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Modern LED Creative Remote Control Spiral Desk Bedroom Table Lamp

Modern LED Creative Remote Control Spiral Desk Bedroom Table Lamp

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About this item: 

Creative Curved Design: The desk lamp is close to daylight illumination, diffusion panel emitting soft light without ghost, glare or flicker.  Perfects for reading, working and studying. Soft and balanced light. Energy-efficient and eye-caring LED that creates a uniform non-flickering light which won't hurt your eyes.

Low Energy Consumption: The curved desk lamp is a slim aluminum with a hidden LED light source. It will save on your electric bill. Low energy consumption and will never need any replacement light source.

Anti-rust Design: The lamp body is made of high-quality hardware, exquisite and elegant paint, which is treated with multiple processes and never rusts.

Modern Design: Spiral streamlined design, use softer side-glowing technology to avoid direct light damaged to eyesight. Easy to clean and operate. Just plug and play.

Versatile Use/ 3 different colors: The curved desk lamp not only a lamp but also a decoration that adorns desk, shelf and any furniture with its stylish design. The unique lamp is suitable for every occasion. It comes in three colors. White, Black and Gold. 

Size: D125 x H 450mm

Q: What is white light?
A: The so-called white light is only white light, with an ordinary button switch control.
Q: What is Tricolor Temperature ?
A: It can emit light of three kinds of color temperature. It is controlled by an ordinary button switch. The first switch is a white light. The second is a warm white and the third is a natural color temperature.
Q: What is Dimmer Remote control?
A: With tricolor, a remote control is provided. The switch can be controlled by button and remote control. You can adjust the light color and adjust the light brightness, and the night light mode. 


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