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Newest Nano Wireless Electric Sanitizer Gun Sprayer

Newest Nano Wireless Electric Sanitizer Gun Sprayer

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About this item:


One-touch button : Mini disinfectant spray gun.  The Mist sprayer gun button produces mist to disinfect your home or water your plants. Very easy to operate in the day or night. Has an LED light at the nozzle. PC material, non-oxidizing, with 306 stainless steel mesh inside to avoid clogging. Silicone tube tightly sealed to avoid leaking.  Also comes with USB fast charging cables.

Long range, fine atomization: sanitizing spray gun atomizer sprays large amount of fog at a long range. The fine atomization and the fog can be quickly released in one second. Continuous battery life. Large-capacity lithium battery, wireless, more convenient for daily use. 8.8 OZ moderate capacity use and easy to carry.

Multi-purpose : Use the nano spray gun in addition to daily environmental sanitation and cleaning.  It can also replace indoor humidification, aromatherapy, watering, etc., universal bottle mouth, can be replaced with a Coke bottle.  It can be sprayed directly on the surface of porcelain, fabrics, home appliances and other objects. It refreshes everything.

Room temperature cleaning : Professional handheld disinfectant fogger machine Spray cleaning at the original temperature to retain the cleaning effect of the chemical composition of the detergent. The chemical composition of the cleaning agent will weaken the cleaning effect in high temperature.

Lightweight and portable: Nano blue light atomizer disinfectant sprayer feels comfortable and delicate, made by multiple craftsmanship. 


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29 Jul 2023
Color: Black
It's a fun tool and you can use it in many ways! 
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